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Vengoor(P.O) Ayoor via,Quilon (Dist) Kerala,India 691533 
 Tel-4742492353/ 4742492093, +65-90622694 ,+6590093560


Rev Dr Samuel Kunjumone

 Our Pastor Writes :

I was raised by Christian parents in the Kerala region of South India. At the age of 15, I felt the call from God to pursue full time ministry but resisted it for a long time. While earning a Masters degree at the Kerala university, I was involved with the students ministry and it resulted in conversions of many souls and established a church. 

Sensing the need to gain a firm foundation in theological studies, I moved to Singapore in the year   1993 and enrolled at the Seminary. God was obviously not content, however, merely to have me study in the seminary!. One day He brought into my path a couple of Indian men who expressed a need for prayer. This resulted in both physical and spiritual healing for the men, and a new prayer nucleus was born. As God's spirit continued to move, I soon recognized the need to start a permanent church. But then the question arose : Where are we  to hold services? I began walking in the street of Little India and finally met Rev Gregory Chiang, the then vicar of Church of the True Light. 

It was agreed that I could use the facilities of COTL for services and so in August 2000, the Indian ministry launched its first Sunday - afternoon service, with eleven people in attendance. Last 14 years the ministry grown up amazingly, more than 450 baptisms were conducted and different language services (English/ Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Singhalese) are conducted every Sunday.

 At present, the COTL Indian ministry is a vibrant church that seeks to meet the needs of Singapore?s Indian community on all levels.

 In the year 2004, we extended our work to India, to reach out the poor and the needy. Thus far we supported and fed hundreds of widows,orphans and the sick in the hospitals. Thank God that we were  able to build a bible seminary, and prayer tower at Vengoor. Rev Samuel received his Master of Divinity from EAST, and was awarded the Doctor of Ministry from IATA.

I pray that the COTL (IC) will shine as the True Light in all over the world . May God bless.

Rev.Samuel Kunjumone